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 Sharing A Bit More ~~

   I serve in the Charlotte, NC area, providing Spiritual Coaching, Vibrational techniques, and virtual healing sessions...

     Energy knows no bounds! 

 As a Licensed Spiritual Healer, and Certified Vibrational Sound Practitioner and Coach,  I understand the life changes that are occurring.  We can set a time and date for a confidential phone conversation -- let's discuss the objectives  you would like to achieve... how to best get through these challenging times ... the next steps on your Path, and/or a Spiritual Reading ~ Guides of 100% pure Light can bring forth gentle guidance for your consideration. 


  Vibrational Techniques with the Solfeggio Tuning Forks is an avenue to find and clear blockages as we work together to identify the mental, emotional, or energetic deterrents that keep you from your highest state of being -Naming the Dragons! A consultation will provide an explanation of techniques employed, whether on a massage table or a chair (distance energy work can also be arranged). In a personal appointment, you will be fully clothed and there is minimal contact between us.


  The beauty of Oils -- amazing!  Wonderfully fragrant, and made  especially for you as guided by Spirit, oils are a non-medicinal path to aid on your road to better living!  Certified pure and from all parts of the world ... a little goes such a long way!  

      Create Well-Being!

   Barb ~ 248.321.6098

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